A Practical Approach to Regionalisation

A range of projects have been identified that centre on regional structural issues and infrastructure. Two main initiatives have been identified to date with continued evaluation of such initiatives an ongoing process. Current projects for 2015-16 are:

--Regional Boundaries - Our close local government neighbour City of Onkarparinga has indicated that they wish to be part of our RDA. Onkarparinga City LGA is currently part of the Southern metro RDA and as such only funded by the Commonwealth Government. A large proportion of their LGA covers rural and peri-urban areas that get little benefit from being aligned with a metropolitan RDA. This project will explore the benefits and issues to all stakeholders of a proposed amalgamation of City of Onkaparinga into our RDA and the process that would need to be followed to implement such an amalgamation.

--Regional Infrastructure Plan – Development of a Regional Infrastructure Plan that will identify and prioritise the region’s infrastructure needs.

This project works in the areas of Sustainable Regional Communities, Comparative Advantage and Business Competitiveness, Inform Regional Planning, Community Engagement and Consultation and Partnerships.

Regions covered: Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu, Kangaroo Island.