Business Growth

Growing Your Business

The Growing Your Business checklist is a free tool that helps small business grow and prosper. To download the checklist click here.

This tool brings together a range of information across all levels of government and covers many issues that small business owners need to know when growing their businesses, such as:

Employee tax, franchising, exporting, grants and assistance, innovation, legal obligations, obtaining finance, recruiting staff and environmental management.

Visit the Department of State Development or websites for more ideas on how to grow and expand your business.


If your business is ready to export, or you are thinking about exporting, checkout this link 

For more information from the Australian Government on how to export, visit the Austrade website.


Are you looking for ways to use technology to improve your business? 

The Australian Government has a range of products and tools which can be accessed by visiting their website.

For up to date information on what's happening regarding the roll-out of Broadband across this region go to the National Broadband website


For information on Grants available a good place to start is to visit the DMITRE website or Grantslink, the Australian Government Grants website.

Small and Major Project Contracts

The Industry Capability Network (ICN) provides information about Project Procurement within South Australia and Nationally. The ICN also provides information about the Procurement Process and manages the Industry Gateway Registrations of Projects and Businesses. For more information and to Register your business on the Industry Gateway Register go to ICN website

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property (IP) may be your most valuable asset and failure to protect it may put your business at risk.

IP represents the product of your mind or intellect. It can be an invention, trade mark, original design or practical application of a good idea. In business terms, this means your proprietary knowledge - a key component of success in business today. It is often the competitive edge which sets successful companies apart and as world markets become increasingly competitive, protecting your IP is essential.

Confidential information (sometimes referred to as 'trade secrets'), patents, registered designs, trademarks, copyright, circuit layout rights and plant breeders rights are all legally classified as IP rights.

Visit the IP Australia website for further information.