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Business Opportunities in the Middle East

We recently conducted a high-level review of Middle East countries and identified a number of opportunities for businesses from our region. We are now doing further work to better understand how they do business. The South Australian government has identified this region as of high importance; they are planning to lead a business delegation to Dubai to coincide with the Gulf Foods Trade Fair from the 17th to 21st of February. We are planning to support this mission as well as visiting other key markets. We are inviting businesses who have or might have an interest in the region to register their details with us so that we can keep them informed. 

The Asia Australis report prioritised three countries; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, they saw opportunities for fruit, vegetables, dairy and meat products. They recommended that we do further analysis on how to do business in the region. We are doing this, we are currently completing a report that reviews the cultural, regulatory and market dynamics. We have identified three areas were we feel we have a competitive advantage; bulk vegetables, fresh fruit and environmental services. This is not an exclusive list. 

Our understanding is that the Middle East is a highly knowledgeable and sophisticated market, They want to ensure that the contacts they meet are ready and able to do business. 

Please complete the attached form if you are interested