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Small Business Workshop Program 2016 - 2017

Event Date

31 December 2017

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All Adelaide

Contact Name

Small Business Contact Service

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1300 142 820


Workshops designed to give small businesses the knowledge and skills to take advantage of Business opportunities, accelerate their growth and increase their profitability.


Improving your business profitability

• Business planning for established firms

• Cash-flow, profitability and budget

• Marketing

• Staffing – recruitment and retention

• Digital business (Regional only)


Accessing business growth opportunities 

• Tender Ready (Introductory)

• Tender Ready (Advanced)

• Export Ready

• Business planning for growth

• Understanding new markets


How do I attend? 


Workshops will be delivered across regional and metropolitan South Australia.


For workshop details, fees and to make a booking visit:



For further information

Small Business Contact Service: 1300 142 820


Download the flyer here