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FREE Inclusive Tourism Business Reviews

With an estimated 4 million people living in Australia with a form of disability, and 3.5 million aged over 65 years - this means a lot of potential customers

Why make your business "Inclusive"? - Being "Inclusive" means considering the needs of young families, the mature age and people with disabilities, to give everyone the opportunity to have a meaningful experience and enjoy your business.

With an estimated 4 million
 people living in Australia with a form of disability, and 3.5 million aged over 65 years - that means a lot of potential customers, without even looking at international markets. The other consideration is that these customers rarely travel alone, bringing with them family, friends and colleagues. It's not all to benefit the customer though, it also creates confidence in your employees in welcoming a wide range of people, fostering customer service excellence and getting more people through your doors. 

Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island is focusing on Inclusive Tourism as a regional business opportunity and is offering

5 FREE business reviews with Push Adventures for Fleurieu tourism operators.
Business reviews will be undertaken at a time convenient for your business but must be taken up before December 2017.
Business reviews cover the three potential barriers to Inclusive Tourism including, but not limited to:

  • Information (website, procedures, signage, communication channels and methods)
  • Access (the physical environment, premises, amenities)
  • Customer Service (staff, communication, information)

Push Adventures will also provide a detailed report outlining immediate, short term and long term strategies and recommendations for sustainable outcomes and some ongoing advice around services and supports available in order to implement improvements. 

Contact Johanna on 0423 134 725 or email johannam(at) to check your eligibility and to book your business review.