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Australian Trusted Trader Program

Australian Trusted Trader – partnering with Australian business to facilitate trade

In conjunction with Australian Border Force (ABF), Regional Development Australia and your Local Councils you are invited to the South Australian Trusted Trader Roadshow.

The Australian Trusted Trader team will conduct free information sessions across a number of locations, providing an overview of the program followed by a Q&A. 

Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) is a 'Free' trade facilitation program which is run by the Australian Border Force. The aim of the Australian Trusted Trader program is to recognise and accredit Australian businesses who have secure international supply chain practices, and reward them with access to a range or trade facilitation benefits. These benefits are designed to give Australian businesses a competitive edge and greater access to global markets. 

Some of the benefits you will receive as a Trusted Trader: 

  • Priority treatment at Australian and foreign international borders where there are mutual recognition arrangements (MRA's), providing quicker access to international markets. There are a number of additional international MRA's currently under discussion/negotiation
  • Streamlined clearance processes into Australia including consolidated cargo clearance benefits and reduced import processing charges
  • Direct access to a dedicated Australian Border Force Account Manager
  • Confidence in your business through your partnership with the ABF
  • Simpler eligibility/ processing requirements for the APEC Business Travel Card 

Refer to the ATT Introduction for additional information.

To hear more about this exciting program and how quickly your business can be part of the Australian Trusted Trader community, we invite you to attend an information session at your preferred location. 

Click on the appropriate link below for session details and to register (all sessions are approximately 1.5 hours):

Adelaide Hills - register here 
McLaren Vale - General session - register here
McLaren Vale - Wine session - register here
Murray Bridge - register here 

Please note, there are a limited number of places so be quick to register.