Youth2Work Project

In 2014-15 the Youth2Work project was initiated by RDA and the Industry Leaders Group to assist young people aged 17 - 24 across the Adelaide Hills & Fleurieu region to gain employment. The project commenced in July 2017 and will finish on 30th June, 2018. Departmental targets for this project in 2017-18 were 100 participants and 70 employment outcomes. Due to the current high youth unemployment rate across the region and the lack of employment opportunities, the project has experienced unprecedented additional demand resulting in almost 140 participants engaging into the current project. 


This project is very close to achieving the 70 employment outcome target, however this means there is an additional minimum of 70 who will not reach their employment goal when the project finishes. The key to the success of the project to date has been reliant on accredited training supported with one on one mentoring and case managing the participants. The accredited entry level training provides the employer with a productive base skill to build on. 


We have a unique region which is not supported by an abundance of large industry and as a result, apprentice and trainee positions have been consistently difficult to achieve. The youth we are engaging are often early school leavers who have little to no skill base and are reliant on our project to provide them with the skills required to obtain their first entry level employment position. This is often achieved through the provision of accredited training including tickets and licences and supported with a mentoring program. 


Unfortunately with the change of focus by State Government towards apprenticeships and traineeships, there is no funding available to carry this valuable project forward into the future.